Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Eve Dinner

Sorry, for I haven't been blogging actively. I don't have internet connection at home and i find no inspiration blogging outside. I'm now back in my uni so food posts will resume as usual. :)

I just got back yesterday morning and i'm not exactly in a good state of emotion. Homesick! Anyway, back to my posts. This year, for Christmas Eve, I spend it with my family.

Stuffed Chicken

We have Turkey every year but this year turkey cost almost RM 200 (unprepared one) and I thought that was a bit overpriced so we had chicken instead. We had the stuffing like Turkey and cooked like a Turkey. ;p

Baked Portabello with bacon

I love fresh portabellos!

Oat Baguette

No Western meal is perfect without baguettes along. Trust me.


I bought a miniature wine in Green Heights before dinner. My parents is not a drinker and I have never really fancied wine as well. I just bought it coz its Christmas!

I think the idea of having it this size is great for outdoors. ( i. e : dates in the beach).

For desert, we had Chocolate brownie Cheesecake.

The dinner itself wasn't extravagant but having to spend it with people that matters to you the most made the whole night perfect.

I miss you mum and dad.

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