Thursday, November 06, 2008

Red Garden Night Market

Red Garden is dubbed the biggest food night market ( so the brochure claims ;p ) and strategically located in the heart of Penang. The exact location is right opposite Peking Hotel, Penang Road.

It is an understandable fact that Red Garden is packed every night - with endless number of hotels and motels surrounding it with Cititel being the top notch one.There's also performances that are supposedly to "entertain" patrons but i don't find it entertaining tho'. No offence.

There's a wide variety of local Penang food for you to choose.

From the famous Char Kueh Tiau,

To fried oyster.

It didn't took me long to decide on what to eat. ;p

Char Kueh Tiau RM3.50

It is so well fried that you can taste the flavour on each and every piece of the kueh tiau. I love how in Penang they can remain the crispy texture of the bean sprouts in their char kueh tiau. Tho' i'm not a fan of chinese chorizo sausage but it definitely add flavours to it. Seriously, i would pay even if it's RM 10 per plate ;p

Fried Oyster RM 6.00

Generous portion of oysters and the sambal was really good. Spicyness was perfect. I heart!

Fried Hor Fun RM 3.50

Hor fun is actually this big piece of flat noodle - much like kueh chap back home. Personally for me, i don't like it fried. It taste better with soup.

Fried Cantonese Mee
RM 4.00

Jess' other half ordered this. You would have ask tho' why he didn't order the char kueh tiau or any other dish significant to Penang. Well, my friend. He's a Penangite, so i guess he must be sick of the food in Penang dy. Hehe.

Taiwan Fried Chicken
RM 4.00

It's a tad over fried but they're forgiven for the generous chilli powder! :)

Though you're spoilt for choices, i'm quite sure you won't want to order this.

"Oil Vegetable".

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Kuching Remisier Blog said...

look like very delicious lo.. must try if got chance haha

TNH said...

Last time at my place still got fried no more..sad..i like that too...

Melanie said...

Crazyfool : It doesn't only look delicious, it is delicious ;p

TNH : Nevermind, go Red Garden! :P