Saturday, November 08, 2008

Penang Famous Chendol

I felt like i'm not fit the term "foodchoholic" when my friend,Jo asked me if i knew about the famous chendol. I never knew Penang had a famous chendol stall too!

He wasn't sure of the place but somehow we ended up there after a little walking. (It's at this small junction near the jejantas to Komtar ) It's hard to miss the place because it is so packed despite being located at a little junction where cars seems to pass non-stop.

There you can see almost every patroners take photos while eating. C'mon, how could you not take photo at the stall Phua Chu Kang and his on-screen wife, Rosie visited?

The taukehnio have very quick pair of hands. I swear she can prepare at least 20 bowls of chendol in 1 minute! The chendol was dissapointing tho'. It wasn't cold. It is not sweet at all! Too much coconut milk!

( Jess and Jo )
The chendol itself isn't anything to shout. But if you're visiting Penang, i would recommend you to visit this place at least once for the experience of eating at the small junction where cars honk for way at the customers who happily sip their chendol. ;p

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TNH said...

i wonder is the cendol it self make the shop famous or phua chu kang visit make the shop famous??

Melanie said...

TNH : I think it's PCK who made it famous. haha.:P

Mary said...

Wow, I really want to try this when I go to SE Asia this summer! It looks great. I always heard about it in my school books!