Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Deepavali : Original Indian Cookies

This post is dedicated to David, who requested me to write about food on Deepavali. I'm sorry it's a little late.

This is actually my first time tasting original Indian cookies. My Indian friend was kind enough to bring me back some cookies from her hometown ;p

A must during the festival itself. My mother made good muruku but it's of improvised version where it's crispy and not hard. The Indians love it hard tho. ( This sentence sounds wrong. Lol)

This is the Indian version of bola salji or better known as kueh mo-mo. It is made of pounded green beans and ghee and then moulded into bite-size balls. It melts in the mouth and this is my favourite.

I thought this one looks quite cute. it's actually made to imitate the green apple but it tasted nothing like the green apple. The "black stick" is actually one of the spice you put into the curry. (I'm not very good with the names of traditional spices) The cookie is to be eaten whole - together with the spice in order to get the full taste.

A normal cookie but it has strong milk powder taste and ghee.

The Kueh Ros was however a tad dissapointing. It's tasteless. I'm not so sure if it's suppose to taste like this but i like the Chinese version of Kueh Ros.

The strong ghee taste in the cookie totally outshine the taste of the strawberry jam. So it tasted more like butter cookie rather than strawberry jam cookie.

I notice all the cookies has at least a taste of spice in it and they usually substitute butter with ghee. However, I'm not quite used to cookies tasting like cumin seeds or bunga cengkih.

It was nevertheless a good experience for me since I have never tasted the authentic Indian cookies. ;p

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