Sunday, November 09, 2008

Nasi Lemak Famous

"Nasi Lemak Famous" is located at the right end of the open air food court in front of Bangsar Village. Strangely enough another famous nasi lemak - "Nasi Lemak Ganja" is located at the other end. I was meaning to try the Nasi Lemak Ganja but they're not open so i settled with this one.

The sambal was good and has the ooomph but it is not the best i've tasted. While the cuttle fish was cook to perfection. It would be A+ if the spicyness is doubled. ;p

My sister opted for the chicken- which i should have! The chicken was to die for! Man, i don't know they made the chicken so crispy and so juicy!

Both the nasi lemak costed more than RM 10 ( I can't remember the exact figure) which is a bit pricey for the portion. The drawback of the place is definitely the atmosphere. Now, i'm not trying to say that i expect it to be like a 5-star hotel. But something there just don't seem quite right for me.

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TNH said...

it does look good from the picture...but the price seem to be a bit expensive for nasi lemak

Anonymous said...

Hey Mel,

Nasi lemak eat with hand more delicious or spoon?

Melanie said...

TNH : It is good but it's nt the best. hehe. Nasi lemak in Jalan Alor (kl) is nice. I hope i can blog about it someday!

Fatboy : It kinda depands on a personal point of view? I have long finger nails so i find it more convienient to eat with spoon. :) Which do you prefer?