Saturday, November 01, 2008

Penang Bridge International Marathon

(This is a long post with many words!)

Over the years, i have been very active in sports. I have played Badminton, Squash, Tennis, Ping Pong, Futsal, Basketball, Netball and Bowling. I am also involved in field games like shot put, javelin and discus during my secondary school days. I am actually proud to say that most of the sports i'm involved in, I have at least a medal to show.

The only one sport that i haven't try is, Running solely because...

I never believed i could run. I am fat and one of the few who are not blessed with high metabolism rate. It didn't help that i'm born with a great passion for food! When i was in primary school, my classmates laughed at me all the time during PE sessions. I hated PE and i would always cheat my teacher that i am sick so i could be excused. Things changed in secondary school and i grew a love for sports. The one thing that didn't change was that, i am still fat.

I must say it was Kenny Sia that inspired me. Not that he's my idol or something, but i am pretty impressed of how much he had achieved in running the marathon he joined.

I send in my entry via online registration back in August. If my memory served me right, it was three days after they launched the marathon to the media. It is my marathon debut, so i didn't have the guts to join the full marathon. 25km itself is not a short distance and 42km is certainly too much for me.

However i only did my payment early October when i was in Penang because it was only at the end of September i knew my time table for the finals. And yes, this event will take place during my finals! I have a paper on the 14th of November in the evening so i can only go Penang on the 15th. I'll be back on the 17th since i have two deadly papers on the 19 and 20! I hope i can still walk on 17! Lol.

I also managed to get a popular ( ;p ) blogger to come along with me. Well, not Kenny! But the man behind Sixthseal! I had always love his writings and now that he's turn over a new leaf, i thought it will be a good idea for him to run the marathon to show his readers that he's now all " healthy". He'll be joining me in the half-marathon as well. ;p Looking forward to see you there HB!

Today is exactly two weeks to the race itself. For serious runners, this is the time they actually reduce their training after having to train for probably months! Even tho' i registered early, but i didn't actually started serious training. I do jog at least three times a week for one hour each time, but jogging and running is two different thing! Plus one hour is probably to short when you're actually training for a marathon but to be honest, i don't actually have the time to spend solely on jogging with the amount of assignments, exams and projects to handle.

This is also the time where runners should watch their food. Due to the fact that i'm currently staying in a hostel, i don't actually get to watch my food. There's limited choice and with the limited money i have, i can only eat food that makes me full. Healthy or not comes in secondary.

I don't know if i can finish the marathon or not but hey, Life is short, and it has no boundaries. Who knows running the marathon is my hidden talent? Maybe yes, maybe no. ;p

Any readers whose in the marathon as well? Or is there any Penangites who would be there or could give us a ride? :) I will really appreciate advices from the readers as well!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Mel,

Marathon is totally not for this blog, lah. Come on, blog more about foods.

Melanie said...

Fatboy :

Haha. I will. I will. But do expect a few more post on the marathon. ;p