Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Kuala Perlis

I was at Perlis to visit a friend recently and we went to the restaurant we normally go.

It was all packed when we went there but it was good, we had a chance to chat a little since he'll be off to Johor Bahru the next day.

(We had more than this but i've blogged it before so do check out my previous post of this place)


You can opt not to have it. My friend and I don't take peanuts except for macadamia so we kindly return them.

Special fried rice

This tasted better than the fried rice i ordered previously. I love how it has the tom yam hint and spicy end. Served with bite size of boneless chicken meat and generously garnished with cucumber and coriander leaves.

Kung Pau Squid

Never order this! The amount of dried chillies totally outnumbered the squids. And i seriously doubt if they recycle the dried chillies! However, i have to give them credit for the fresh squids.

Before you walk to this restaurant, there's a small satay stall along it.

And i'm telling you, THEY SERVE THE BEST SATAY!

Big, fat, juicy and well marinated satay! They are as good as satay kajang! (or maybe better)

Along with the best kuah!

Orgasm! The satay is obligatory if you're here!

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** The satay kajang post was my first post and my writings have changed so much ever since ;p

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