Sunday, October 26, 2008

Changlun Chinese Food

I've been wanting to blog about Chinese food restaurants in Kedah for quite sometime just to show my readers that there's really a difference eating Chinese food in a state dominated by Muslim. ( This is not a racist statement)

White Rice

Instead of the usual bowl, all the Chinese restaurants here serve rice in a plate.

Japanese Egg Tofu Hot plate

Somehow, each of my meal outside in a Chinese restaurant, there's always a dish of tofu. But i must say, the restaurants here serve really good tofu dish. ;p

Sambal Kangkung

I don't usually eat kang kung outside but since orderings are done in mandarin so each time my friend ask me if it's ok, i'll say " ok, sure" without knowing what they ordered. The sambal is really nice and the kangkung is not over-cooked.

Ginger Pork

I've been wanting to show all of you the pork here! Man, don't you think IT LOOKS LIKE CHICKEN? But seriously, it's pork. It tasted nothing like pork and nothing like chicken. I'm stressing again that this is REALLY PORK!

Liang Cha

The northern states is a lot hotter and much more humid compared to other states in Malaysia so it's nice to wash down with a cold Liang cha ;p

The total price : RM 18 (including three plates of rice). Cheap right ?

Changlun is a very small town, you won't miss this place ;p


turtlebeach said...

Mann!!It does look like chicken,I shud be more cautious ordering chicken ginger after this,considering I'm in Kedah rite now.thx for da highlight;)

Anonymous said...

I don't know why, but I prefer rice served in a plate instead of a bowl. I just find it easier to eat. I know it doesn't keep warm as much as a bowl would, but for convenience (you can pile the meat and vegies on top) you can't beat a dish. ;)

Guess that says a lot about me. I'm not a very refined eater with a one bite, one chopstick of rice from the bowl person. :)

Melanie said...

Turtle beach : No probs! Which part of Kedah are you at ? Kedah is a boring city :(

Huai Bin :
I have always find eating in a bowl with chop stick fascinating. Tho' im not very good in using the chop sticks :P