Friday, October 24, 2008

EDC - Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM)

The perks of being active in the university is that you are constantly invited to attend dinners.

Most of the times it is like this.

Sometimes it could be like this.

Yesterday, it was taken to another level. I was invited to EDC, a hotel located just outside UUM and is fully owned by UUM.

Because UUM is rather secluded from the city, the VIPs would stay here during their official visits. So students don't really get to visit this place. Unless of course, your parents is here and they wanted to stay there.

I had a low expectation right after i knew that the menu would be western. Because seriously, the last place to serve good western food, is Kedah though I must say they serve the best Malay cuisine.

I didn't like the table settings. C'mon, take away the plastic mat!

We booked the place before hand and mentioned that we will come at 9pm. We arrived at 8.45pm and had to wait for an hour before our food is finally served.

After having to wait for an hour, all i get is a piece of tiny chicken chop. Taste wise, it was below average and portion was just too little.

The black pepper gravy that are supposed to be poured on the chicken chop.

Ice creams for deserts.

We were still hungry so our felo ordered sandwiches for us. Normal tuna sandwich.

When the bill came, we had the shock of our life when the "normal tuna sandwich" costed us RM 56 per plate, that's RM 7 for a tiny piece of sandwich! I wouldn't mind to pay such amount if i was dining in Hilton but this is in UUM! (Technically still in UUM!)

Thank God though, everything was fully sponsored. So, those in universities can start thinking of what activities to join. Trust, there's a lot of benefits you could enjoy ;p


Ai-Ling said...

gosh...i wonder how long will that place last...

Anonymous said...

You guys didn't read the Menu before ordered those expensive sandwiches, meh? I also cannot believe those sandwiches so costly. Maybe the cashier wanted to bend anger at you guys after meals still want more. You know, make them went home late. Haha... that's my thought only.

Melanie said...

Ai Ling : it will never close down because it is owned by UUM and even tho' the food sucks, thr's still demand - coz it's really near to the uni so parents who come for their kid's convocation would stay here too.

beng Hia : I believe it wasn't actually in the menu. We asked the manager to prepare it for us ... and since it was rather late.. mayb it's their way of putting their anger on us. Hehe

Ken Szulczyk said...

What is really sad is the EDC is the training ground for the students in the hospitality department. I think the food in the EDC and the Academic Lounge (an extension of the EDC on campus) is fine especially the Malay food. However, the service is very horrible. It takes forever to get drinks and food. The staff do not understand special requests. I stopped eating there. The last time I was there for lunch, the staff kept pointing at the lunch buffet, while I kept pointing at an item in the menu.