Thursday, September 04, 2008

Secret Recipe Kuching

I remember vowing not to ever visit Secret Recipe in Kuching anymore in my previous post. It's been a while ( i have since "forgiven" so, a few days before i left for uni, i made my way to the branch in The Spring.

It was kinda late so i had cakes only and oh! before i continue, i gotta give them credits for the great service!

Chocolate Indulgence

This is my all time favourite in Secret Recipe but there's just something wrong with the cakes in Kuching. The spongecake part is always too dry lah!

Carrot Slice

Vero claimed the cream cheese above was a bit too much for her ;p It looks good actually and cheap too.

Frosty Lemon Tea

A tad too sour for my liking but it's not bad. It's just that i went pretty late, so i wasn't in the mood for something sour.

Will i ever visit Secret Recipe in Kuching again? My answer is no. They still fail to keep up with the quality in their other branches in Peninsular. Even the one in Kedah taste good ok!

i'm dedicating this post to Veronica Lim! Do give me a shoutout if you drop by k!

*** help! i'm feeling very home sick!! :(

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WendyinKK said...

Hmmm.. could it be they fly their sponge cakes over, and let them be filled there?