Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Whatever and Anything

X : What do you wanna drink? I'll get it for you.
Y : Whatever lah!

X : Darling, what do you wanna drink?
Y : Anything.

These conversation sounds familiar right? The creative minds of Singaporeans came out with canned drinks that the consumers don't know what flavours of drinks is actually inside.

However each can is limited to a few scope.

For whatever, it could be either ice lemon tea, peach tea, apple tea, jasmine tea, white grape tea or chrysanthemum tea. Mine was peach tea and it has been my fav drink so literally i'm happy!

While for anything it could be either apple, cola, root beer or orange. I had the orange one. I'm not a fan of orange so i'm not happy! wish it was root beer or cola!

The whatever is not carbonated while the anything is carbonated.Each can is priced at RM 1.90 and available in participating 7-Eleven outlets. ;p


Anonymous said...

Stupid drinks!

Melanie said...

Anonymous : :)

Josephine said...

If u want the Anything to be cola. Check the ingredient. If it is cola, it will contain caffeine.
Good luck!