Saturday, September 06, 2008

Daidomon Charcoal BBQ Japanese Restaurant

Daidomon Japanese BBQ Restaurant is located in Level 3, Great Eastern Mall in Ampang. Great Eastern mall is not a good mall to shop unless you have a fat wallet with you.Anyway, I was there to have lunch with my sister and her colleague right after i landed in KL from Bayan Lepas.

I was really impressed with the interior of the restaurant. I wish i had more pictures to share, but the place was full with serious-faces people who dress up in their suits so it felt weird to be snapping around.

They had this shelves that has a lot of Sake bottles on display. It is actually a very long shelve(though not pictured). They're apparently very popular for quality sakes.

There's also hot towels for you before food is served.

Being an upper class Japanese Restaurant that is, the green tea is also served in nice glass!

Even the wasabi is mould nicely ok!

I was there for lunch so i had the set menu instead of sampling their flagship Japanese charqoal barbeque. The set lunch is served in this large tray.

My sister and her collegue had the grilled eel.

It was nice and i shall say it's a generous serving for one.

While i had the grilled salmon.

My salmon was unfortunately over-cooked that it lose its natural "juices" and it was dry.

and the rest of this is the side dishes that came along in every set lunch.


I gotta compliment them on the rice! Nice!


Vegetables were fresh, dressing were great and to top it up with alfafa was a nice touch of combination.

Prawn Tempura

Prawn was really fresh and it was fried perfectly.

Miso soup

This one taste really good too! But too bad it was a tad cold when it was served.

Fresh seaweed

I can't review on this cause i really don't know how to eat fresh seaweed. It tasted fishy as if they just came out from the sea!

Japanese Soy Sauce

I think this was supposed to be poured on the rice or something.I'm not so sure.

and it also came along with a fruit platter. (no picture)

Chawan Mushi

This one is a side order. It is something like mushroom home-made tofu. The mushroom after taste was a bit too strong for my liking.

They have gained a wide publicity from the papers to television. In case you don't know, they had been featured in Ho Chak!(a food show on 8TV) and also The Star.

Price was surprisingly reasonable and i would say its very worth it since the service was great, food was good and great ambience. ;p


Unknown said...

the soy sauce is for you to dip the tempura into it

Melanie said...

blogger baby : ohhh issit ? thanks fr d info :P

J2Kfm said...

hi 1st time here.
Daidomon does buffet right?
quite reasonable from what I read.