Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Melaka Chicken Rice Balls

This is actually a virgin visit to Malacca for me and my friends. The moment, we arrived at Christ Church we knew our first destination was to eat Chicken Rice balls.

We went to the most popular one. it's pretty easy to spot because it is located at the beginning of Jonker Walk.

We had to queue a while since there's no seat.

I like the marble tables. Give me the once-upon-a-time feeling. Hehe.

I had high expectation since people has been saying how good it is.

The chili was nothing to shout. I wish it was better since the blended chili make a big part in a good chicken rice.

I waited for 20 minutes and finally my chicken rice balls came.Each of us had lima biji. Kinda small servings actually.

The right method to eat it is to dunk the balls in the chili first and then eat it with the chicken. The rice has got this special texture that it's hard to explain. But, it's good.

The plate of chicken for three person.

Again, very small servings. Barely to fill you if you're hungry.The chicken was quite tasteless. Disappointed.

If you haven't tried the chicken rice balls , this is the place for the authentic one. But if you ask me to wait more than 30 minutes for it, i won't. Coz i don't think it's worth it. Not to mention , all this actually costed me RM 21.50!


Ruionkoh said...

errr hey there malaccan here.
hmm tell u wat, tat might be the most famous chicken rice shop but actually now there is another one which is more commercialized one located just a few steps away from that shop u went. The shop that I mention has wider choices other than just chicken rice haha. taste wise, not bad also lor. :) cheers~

Melanie said...

ruionkoh :

Hello! :) There's quite a number of shops selling the chicken rice balls actually in the street itself .. one day i will go try at other shops! ;p