Thursday, August 21, 2008

Sea Good Restaurant

This restaurant have been around for decades and i've been a regular patron since i was a little kid. They are very popular for the fresh seafood and customers would start going as early as 5pm to avoid crowd during peak dinner time (7 pm).

...and because they're popular not only among the locals and tourist, they tend to charge ridiculously expensive. That's why if you see cars park outside the restaurant, it's either bimmers, merz or any other luxurious cars. Except for mine lah. My family car - Kancil. ;P

There's a number of wine for you to choose and i think by far, this is the only restaurant that offer such wide variety of wine in Kuching.

Among the popular food are ;

Oh Chien

The Oh chien pictured above looks kinda black but they have one of the best oh chien in town!

Hokkien Mee

I used to hate this dish when i was young but as i grew older i tend to appreciate this dish. It's kinda different from other places and they uses a special made noodles instead of the normal yellow mee.

Fish Curry

This is another signature dish from them. The fish is steamed 50% and then the remaining 50 % is steamed together with the curry gravy. The gravy is not too thick yet not to mild so it's a perfect combination and it goes well with white rice too.

Stir Fry Tofu

Their stir fry dishes is nothing to rave about but they always compliment all the stir fry dishes with fresh sea food.

Stir fry vegetables

Again, this is nothing to write home about.

Liang Cha

Gawd, this taste very bad!

Sour sop juice

They used to be really popular for this drink but the last time i went, it taste miserably terrible. It was so watery and i could hardly taste the flavour of sour sop!

The best part about the restaurant is that they have lots of blended chili!

In case you have no idea where it is located, it is behind the old Tsui Hua Lau building. They are open for lunch and dinner so drop by if you're out for fresh seafood in the city of Kuching and don't forget to bring enough cash!


Anonymous said...

oh.. how much total it cost u like that?? i love i chien too much!! haha

Melanie said...

yien yien : it costed me near RM 200.