Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Most of you would have already know that i'm currently studying in UUM and the nearest town to us is Changlun. Changlun is something like Serian back in Kuching.

There is relatively a lot of home-based coffee shops here. They live in the house and the car porch is the coffee shop. The hygiene of the place is not trustable that most of the time while i am waiting for my food, i sit and wonder if i should put the food in my mouth.. albeit, they charged the lowest price in Malaysia, hands down!

On my recent visit, i had :

Ying Yong

It's called Ying Yong because they mixed the bee hoon and the kueh tiau together. It's very popular in Peninsular especially up north. Taste wise , it's just so-so. Couldn't expect much from shops like this. ;p

Liang teh

It tasted alright ;p

Altogether, this only cost me RM 3.60! Told ya, it's cheap.. but you can't expect much la! hehe.

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