Friday, August 15, 2008

Saint Cinammon

( The line is really bad here so i can only post a short post) This place is by far the only place in Malaysia that has good cinnamon rolls. The fun part is that this place is owned by fellow Sarawakians. ;p

My dad is a huge fan of this place that every time we're in Mid Valley, he'll ask us buy him a box.

They have about 10 flavours ranging from the traditional cinnamon to the modernised flavours- walnuts, blueberries... I personally like the traditional cinnamon flavoured one. The price range is from RM 3.50 to RM 5.00 per roll.

Their cinnamon rolls is amongst the best i ever tried and i like how they had the sweet glaze on top. It stays fresh for 2 days without the fridge.

The staff is very friendly ( i'm not saying this cause they are all Sarawakians ) and they actually thought i was a foreigner. ;p

It's a bit over-priced if you asked me, but it's worth it. ;p

Anyway, i will be on a budget trip to KL tomorrow. ;p Good food, here i come!


Ida D. said...

I love love love love cinnamon rolls.

Melanie said...

amyloliquefaqueinz ;

same here!