Friday, August 29, 2008

J.CO Donuts and Coffee

This is actually a long overdue post and i think by now, people are already sick of JCo ;p

I had my first Jco Donuts in Pavillion 3 months back and fell in love with it immediately.

The donuts are pre-baked and then fried before it is then top with various flavours.


This is the best of all and i guess many would agree ;p The sweet honey glaze outside just melts in your mouth and gives you an immediate orgasm. Gosh, this is starting to sound like sex ;p

J crown oreo

The speciality lies on the shape of the donut and like Glazzy, the oreo just melts in your mouth together with the crunchy light dough.


It tasted similar with J crown and the only difference is this is one is of the traditional shape.

Why Nut

This is my sister's favourite. It's topped with white chocolate and filled with peanut butter. There's something special about the peanut butter tho' coz it melts in your mouth unlike other sticky peanut butter in the market.

Coco Loco

This is the donut that will make you overdose with chocolate. Absolutely good for chocolate lovers.

Miss Green T

I was hoping for a stronger green tea taste since they claim to be using macha tea but was dissapointed with a mild aroma of the green tea.


I didn't like this one since i'm not a fan of almond flakes but for those of you who liked it, this could be your donut.

The two donuts below i couldnt remember the name so pictures only yea?

I had always loved banana flavoured food so the thick banana custard filling was more than i could ask for. Perfect!

This one also i like! Nice nice!

I would summarized .. that Jco donuts is really good so it's not the case of overrated. and if i were to compare with any other donuts-joints, JCo would easily win.

Open one in Kuching , can? Big Apples Kuching sucks big time! or at least one in Mid Valley or The Curve ;p Pavillion damn susah wanna go lah!

This post is also dedicated to a dear friend of mine , Stefanie Bong!


Unknown said...

JCo is delicious! thats what i heard. better than big apple donut.

i cant wait to go try it out =D

Falcon said...

coco loco is my faourite..hail J.Co

Melanie said...

irvine : u should try! and send some to me too! haha

falcon : jco rocks eh!