Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Delicious Chicken Rice

I spotted this place kinda long ago but didn't had the chance to try it. So recently i went with Jess.

It takes a lot of guts to be putting your shop with the name "Delicious" so i guess they are really sure that their chix rice is really good.

They have a nicer layout on the 2nd floor above or you can opt for the normal one below.

We had :

Steam Chicken ( and an egg)


BBQ Chicken

The rice

It was really nice! Really nice!

The sauce and soup

The sauce was ok but the soup was a bit tasteless.

Liang Teh

Very pahit wo! If u health conscious, can drink this la!

Teh C Peng

Jess' ;p

All this cost us RM 13.80 ONLY!
I will definitely come back here!


Anonymous said...

i went there before cos i was drawn by the crowd there. i tried the beef noodle there too(donno still got or not) .they also got sell ang zao chicken right ?not bad oh

Melanie said...

yea they got soups thr n kolo mi too

Anonymous said...

where is it located at?

Melanie said...

anonymous ;

it's near travillion, right behind the Shell station.It's the first shop at the corner. really easy to spot ;p