Monday, March 24, 2008

Malaysia Airlines Golden Lounge

So since i had i the Golden Club ticket, before i board the plane, i had the chance to visit the Golden Lounge. In KLIA , the lounge is situated before gate A2 and for KIA , if i'm not mistaken it's before Gate 8.

I was rather excited to go in there and had really high hopes after hearing so much positive comments!

I felt small the moment i enter the place. I was probably one of the youngest there excluding those kids with their super wealthy parents.Everyone there looks rich and successful.

I'm sorry but i have no pictures of the place.. coz it's really awkward to take pictures in there. Even when i take pics of the food i ate, everyone was looking at me.

So , here's what i had .

Various Cocktail sandwiches.

They look western but they're actually fusion-style sandwiches. I would say it's a good way to promote our culture since there's quite a number of ang mohs in there.

This is the best!! I was very amazed with the amount of garlic cheese they put and i LOVE garlic cheese!

They also had this special beriani with dhal. It was served it with fish curry and vegetarian curry. I'm not very fond of eating fish , but i would say this is the best fish curry i ever eat besides the one i had at home!

There's wide choices of sweet croissant for you to choose. But these two are my favourites.

There's also an open kitchen beside the food bar where you can ask the chef to cook for you based on the menu given.Since i check in pretty late, i didn't order any of it coz i don't want to feel bloated on the plane later.

They had a wide range of jams, butter , honey .. 3 in 1 beverage sachets, hot chocolate machine..juices and canned drinks.

and lastly.. being a cheapskate.. i took this home.hehe.

Everything is FREE in the lounge.

The lounge was really impressive. Congratulations Malaysia Airlines!


TNH said...

Wow...all those are free..that really good...this is the first time i heard of the golden the way,how much it is for the ticket?

KY said...

Feed me! *slurps*

Melanie said...

tnh : it is an extra of RM 200 on the normal price of the tickets ;p

KY : Hie KY!!! :p