Thursday, February 21, 2008

Yee Sang Second Round

Since today is Chap Goh Mei, i shall end it with the Yee-Sang-Post.

Before Jess left for Uni, i suggested that the few of us have Yee Sang at Sushi King.

Our Yee Sang took quite sometime to arrive. Thank God we ordered some set food.

Kodomo Bento

I can't help but to think of Kodomo Lion - The toothpaste. Hehe. Everything is fried. Came with a cup Matkool ice cream.


One of the worst food i ate in Sushi King. The consistency of the batter is wrong so the texture turns out soft and soggy. Uek.

Saba BBQ Set

It's mackerel fish so my cats would love this. HAHAHA!. It's Sam and Stef's order. and you don't jadi pihak ketiga and share a couple's food so i don't know how it taste. Hehe.

Came along with :

Rice (No photo)

Miso Soup

Home made tofu

Tasted a lot like Miso soup in "pepejal". hehe.


Our Yee Sang

Very Very Nice! and it looks exactly like the one in the promo picture! Sedaps!

They also give you this nice angpau!

I guess it's really a good idea that Sushi King come up with this kind of promo and i will definitely come back again for the yee sang next CNY!

And to Jess and Stef, I miss the both of you so much. When will i see the both of you again?

To all my readers,

Happy Chap Goh Mei ya'll !!!


Anonymous said...

o.O the miso soup looked like egg yolk, so yellow. maybe the light's fault... hehe...

by the way, how does miso soup tastes like? is it something to do we soy sauce a.k.a kicap and tofu? i've seen tofu cubes floating in miso soup but never tasted it before...

Melanie said...

hey... miso is actually fermented bean paste. hence, it does taste a bit like soy sauce.