Sunday, December 09, 2007

The Junk

I had a high-standard supper today in The Junk. Yes, you hear me The Junk. havent had his dinner , so he wanted some food. He's got this british accent ..that i like. Hehe.

He had the carbonara Stef had ..and he liked it a lot?!?! He was saying.. "hmm, better than the one in England!".

I had

Asparagus and Prawn Something-something (LOL)

It was good and it'll be perfect if the prawn was fresh. Cant expect much in the monsoon season. The asparagus oso just nice. Recommended.

Chocoholic Crush

It was pure commercialised Chocolate ice cream blended. I hate commercialised Ice creams.. they just taste so fake!

Creme Brulee

It's actually my 1st time tasting Creme Brulee.. or did i taste it in Zen of Secret Recipe in Mid Valley? Lupa sudah.. But this one is too custard-ish for my liking.. feel like puking after eating them and i did not finish it!

Thanks Mr. Date for the upper-class-supper.

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