Saturday, December 08, 2007

The biggest Road side burger !

Yes, it's the largest, huge-st road side burger you'll ever find! Their stall is just right outside Soho of Penang Road. You wont miss it , if you know where is Soho!

Size itself won't make me go
gu-gu-ga-ga over it IF it doesn't taste good rite? Yes, truly , it's the best burger i've ever eaten in my whole life. It is also the 1st time i've seen "burger-chef" heating up the mayonaise on the pan. Very cool!

The last time Albert was in Penang , i brought him there. I actually bought it for myself , but was too tired to eat so he ate it coz he suddenly wake up in the middle of the night and cud'nt go back to sleep. Weird guy.

** Jess, don't be sad
kay! Everything happens for a reason.. and you know that i'm always there for you anytime of the day. xoxoxo!

And to Albert, Thanks for the dunkin' donuts even tho' it wasn't my favourite flava and i was sleeping when you send it over. See you soon!

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