Monday, December 10, 2007

Food Avenue

They're just open a week ago , ( 2nd December to be exact ).. and is kinda widely publicised on the papers.

It's just a normal food court.. and it's kinda small? The have the projecter thr tho..

They have spanking yellow and orange colour plastic chairs. They look nice since they're still new.. but i dunno if they still look "that spanking" in 2 more monthS?

Milo Peng 3 layer

You know how entreprenuers wanted to invent things that is imposible to work? So.. this is the case of this Milo Peng. It taste so weird lah. Very weird.


Normal sugar cane lah. hehe

What did i ate?

I ate nothing , coz the food i ordered never reach me!

You know .. there's something i find it funny about this place..

" the first food court that has automated sliding roof"

What does roof has to do with the place? Like does the food gets nicer just cause there's automated sliding roof?

Or do u say...

"Hey ! Hey! Lets go to that food court. I wanna see the automated roof"


They're open 24 hours.. so you all can go and see the roof ok?

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