Thursday, October 18, 2007

Back! Just like i promised!

First , sorry for the long hiatus. It's really just so difficult to blog in the lab. Aneway, I thought it'll be good to show a lil about my life in uni before posting a food post :P

Kedah is a very Malay state, hence all the food are Malay-ish. Malay food has always been my favourite so ,I had no problem adapting to the food , but i guess after a while , medicine was my staple food. The food are always spicy , spicy , and spicy. People say , spicy food are not healthy. I guess it's true. I even had an injection there ok!

I had many sick leaves too. It probably could amount up all the sick leaves i had all the time i'm in Kuching. Yes, i do not get sick! :P And yeap , consultation and medicine are free!

This is my hostel - my block.. and .. No , i do not dry my clothes there. HEH! I dry my clothes in the room. The Northern states in Malaysia are kinda humid and A LOT hotter than in Sarawak so clothes dry pretty fast! There's gazillion times where i almost fainted while walking. Seriously.

My room (my side)! I find it rather spacious and i have no problem sharing the room with someone i barely know and someone who speaks a different langguange from me. My roomate's from Sabah , a Kadazan. Ofcourse, there's always rooms for doubts. Human are evil. :P

Our dress code is formal , which i find it rather sucky and many find it weird. On days where you're really SIEN , it feels even more sien to put those formal attire on.

Also , in uni, u save money by buying cheap irons and u spend the whole one hour ironing one piece of shirt and end up in a crumpled shirt just like it was an hour ago. so friggin frustrating can!
I kinda think formal attire add numbers to your age too.

And this is the pondok where i had tutorials for ADN classes. (Tamadun Islam dan Asia) which i find rather interesting and one of its kind. They have 16 of those in my uni. Not all public uni has this. We call it wakaf and it's insanely far that by the time you reach , u're already soak wet in salty sweat!

Butterworth is just 2 hours from my place, so u can see me shopping in Penang with my PTPTN money! Heh.. im just kidding! :P

Facilities are great in Uni , and if i were to show them all , it'll take days which i don't want coz my blog's more on food :P

Next up, Hostel food!!! In case you think i starve in hostel...... HEH!

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