Thursday, June 14, 2007

7th mile Teh C peng

Last time people used to associate the place 7th mile with Kota Sentosa- A place for "happy" people! Hahaha. I guess things change when a man from this place created the 3 layer Teh C Peng. I've always love 3 layer teh c peng but I've never taste it from the original place.

So , on a hot sunny afternoon , I decided to drive to 7th mile .. with Abang Jo's help! Anyway.. the coffee shop is sum where nearby the market.. drive up a bit after you pass the market.. somewhere there.. haha..

The tea comes with a layer of Gula Melaka, followed by a layer of evaporated milk and then a tea-milk-mixture. I suppose they are using the Mayang Tea , hence the very strong colour of the tea. The taste - kinda special... but i think not enough sweet? hehe! The rich flavours come from the gula melaka.. i think it will taste twice better if they put more! haha.

The popularity of this drink has prompted many imitations, but I'll say this one has a class of its own! :)

Thanks Ah Jo for paying!


Anonymous said...

where is the place ? is tat in bm or penang island

Melanie said...

it's in kuching

LiZaRdboi_88 said...

Hiya!! Kota Sentosa is my hometown!!!
(place for the "happy people" are 500m/1/2 km away lar but still we get that name *sigh*) and Fresh foodcourt is just a walking distance from my house!!