Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Sri Shan Curry House

*** The photos are taken with SE K610i (quite blur =[ )

Sri Shan is located near the Point One in town ,next to Tsui Hua Lau's building. Usually packed in the peak hour, Sri Shan serves Indian food and has got quite a lot of good reviews. Many would claim the food is spicy , but honestly , i think the spicy level is just MILD. man ... wish they could double it up!

What i had?

Nasi briyani Kosong RM 3

I must say their nasi briyani is one of the best i've tasted. They put the perfect amount of ghee so it kinda makes the briyani has this damn good aroma. Not many would put a lot of ghee since it's quite costly.It's cooked with golden raisins, tomato , spices and cashew nuts. The briyani comes with a piece of papadum (the piece of keropok) and pineapple and cucumber pickles. It's good.

Ratings : 10/10

Ayam Paratal RM 5

This one taste good but the gravy is a bit too thick for my liking. And the meat is soo small man! They'll give you LOTS of gravy and Lil chix onli!! OH And! I wish it's spicy!
Ratings : 8/10

Sotong Varuval RM 5

Varuval is suppose to be very spicy.. But sighhhh, this one not spicy! Squid's over-cooked till it's so dry and rubberish. Not very nice, don't order this one! He he!

Ratings : 5/10

Potato RM 1.50

This one is nice. My dining companion seems to love it a lot! ( **GRIN** ) Again , i wish it's spicy!! Ratings : 9/10

Thosai Kosong RM 1.80

This one is nice. Good thosai are actually not suppose to be too sour. This one is sour but it's nice? Comes with grated coconut fry with chilli and other spices, dhal and curry gravy. Finally! Something is spicy. The grated coconut is nice! I think it's quite cheap oso :P Ratings : 10/10

So , if you're kuching-aiks and do not know where to give in to your-indian-food-cravings, this is the place! =)

Oh , this is another free lunch! Who says there is no free lunch is this world? :P


David said...

Hi Mel. Oh my gawd... Those pictures look so yummy... Especially the papadum, the chicken, and the potatoes...

By the way, can you tell me more about your experience while changing to Arts? I was told by a teacher that I've to wait for TWO months before I can switch. So I have to stay in Science for TWO months! Any advice?

Melanie said...

hie Dav!

I rem mine took about a month too. You have to stay till they allow u to switch ... no choice rite?

David said...

Ya.. They even warned us not to secretly move to Arts class before the approval. *sigh* Going to miss out all those lessons...

Melanie said...

you can get the books 1st.. arts is more about reading. i never pay attention in class. lol