Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Secret Recipe Kuching , Sarawak

***Pictures taken with SE K610i

If you've been a reader since i started my blog , you will notice that i wrote a post on Secret Recipe , Kay-Ell. As well as , you know im very much a fan of their cakes.It was a blessing when i saw the banners hanging saying they will open soon!

It was so packed in the first few weeks. Packed with "sakai-s". Haha. I didn't bother to go there early because i didn't want to be one of the "sakai-s". In fact i don't even plan to pay a visit after hearing so many bad comments.

Anyway , i went there yesterday , thinking they probably settle down .. since their business have been going on for almost a month now.

The menu book is the same like the ones in KL. everything was the same .. interior and stuff. If you notice , all secret recipe outlets have almost the same interior.

Honestly the cake didn't look appetizing to me. I wanted to order the New York Cheese Cake , but it's cut unevenly. What a turn off. The rest.. just didn't look interesting to me. Sigh..

Anyway , after brain storming .. i decided to have :

White Chocolate Macadamia Cake
RM 6.50 (Without the 15% tax.. na bey!)

The cream cheese part taste OK .. just that it' s a bit powder-rish. A sign that corn flour is added into the cream cheese to increase the volume. The cake part was the turn off! The sponge cake is SUPER DRY!!!Even if they wanted to save , they cud've used ovelette or moisten(sprinkle on the sponge cake) it with sugar water. Macadamia's over roasted..Sigh.. wasted my money!

And yes, i didn't finish it.

I also had this.

Shepherd's pie RM 6.50 ( Also without the tax)

They display the pies .. and this one seriously doesn't look like the on they display! It's about the size of an egg tart! They heat it up by putting it into a microwave oven. Man, Don't tell me they don't know that pastries gets soggy when you put them in the microwave??! ... i had just two bites of it.. DOUBLE SIGH!

My mum asked me to take away for her. I bought this for her.

Almond Cheese Cake RM 6 ( without tax)

If the macadamia one was dry.. OMFG! This one is super dry. I didn't finish it as well. TRIPLE SIGH!

Having to taste so many of their cakes (I've tasted more than 10 , OK? ), I'm VERY sure the ones in Kay-ell doesn't taste like this. I don't think I'll pay a second visit even when people tell me i chose the wrong cake or shytss.. Hey .. i ain't paying for poops the second time!

Anyway , this is for the teachers in Malaysia. Don't say i am pelajar derhaka. hehe! ( the word "teatcher" is purposely spelled wrong.)


David said...

Hi Mel. Those cakes looked really delicious to me. I don't know. Maybe I'm more of a cake person, love whatever cakes... Hehe...

Guess have to study for both Science and Arts subjects for two months coz never know if I can get Arts or not. Not to take the risk as I heard that when they finally approve, it's already exam time! Can't imagine me sit for Physics and Chemistry papers... *giggles*

Melanie said...

dav! gud luck!

WendyinKK said...

So sorry to read abt ur bad encounter with Secret Recipe.
I've never encountered over roasted Macadamias over here in their White Choc Mac Cake. I think the graininess is due to over heated white choc in the filling.

Do give it another try when u come over to the peninsula, *I don't think they fly the cakes over there*