Saturday, May 12, 2007

Mother's Day Lunch

*** Photos are taken with SEK750i

Every time of this year , restaurants in town would be pack with "fake" kids bringing their moms to dine. I dare to say 50 % of those kids only bring their mums out on Mother's day. I'm proud to say i'm not one of those kids. HEHE. But HEY! it's better to fake it out then not celebrating Mother's Day at all!Boo to those who don't celebrate!BOOOOOO! Hehe!

Anyway , i had a pre-Mother's Day meal when my sis was still in town. We brought our mum for a scrumptious Thai Cuisine in Pandan Thai Delight. Pandan Thai Delight has been on business for around 4 years now and they never fail to satisfy me! Easily spotted in RH Plaza BDC and it's quite packed with well-dressed customers during peak hour.

The interior.

I really liked the interior. It has a classy touch! It is classy!

What we had ?

Kuey Teow Lui Suan RM 8

A pure Thai cuisine. Bean sprouts , chicken and mushroom is wrapped in self made glutinous rice flour skin . Comes with chili dipping and yea .. it blends well.Chili is nice too! Good!
Ratings : 8/10

Mango Salad RM 12

Again , another pure Thai cuisine. Their dressing is made out of fish sauce and blended chili. A healthy side dish. Somehow i would prefer their glass noodle salad over this one.
Ratings : 7/10

Hot and Spicy chicken with hot basil leaves (Glass noodle) RM 7

Man , this dish has got too much vege? Couldn't taste their ba
sil tho. Gotta give props coz it's well-fry. A satisfactory dish. Ratings : 7/10

Nam Prig Long Rua Fried Rice RM 12

THIS IS THE BOMB! It was damn good , damn spicy! It's actually rice fried with their own blended spices and chili. Has a taste of Thai. Comes with a quarter of salted egg, chicken cooked with sweet soy sauce,tomato, cucumber, long beans, cabbage and the most special one is it comes with dried prawns floss. Ratings : 10/10

Honey sea coconut and Mata kucing RM 3

This is my fav drink there. Very nice! Ratings : 10/10

Water Chestnut in Coconut Milk RM 3

This is the-MUST in Thai Cuisine. Also , my favourite and the one they have is the bomb! It's actually water chestnut "wrapped" in glutinous rice and is served with blended ice , coconut milk and rose syrup.I like that it's presented in a coconut shell. Perfect 10 ! Ratings : 10/10

Taco RM 2

Also a very popular Thai Cuisine. The top is actually coconut milk while the layer below is water chestnut in some cooked "jelly". Don't know what is it exactly called. Hehehe. Ratings : 9/10

If you haven't been there, take your time and have a nice meal there! totally worth it!

I'll be having another mother's day meal tomorrow night . In the mean time, this is for all the mums in the world~!

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