Tuesday, May 22, 2007


*** Photos taken with SE K610i

Today , i went to Frappe for a drink while waiting for the boy(s) to go for a date. heh! date? :P

The interior has the retro theme. with the squares and rounds thing...

They will serve u a glass of vodka . It was damn kau , OK?!

HAHA! i'm jk. it's plain water! haha!!

Lover Plum Green Tea RM 4.50

The drinking companion had this. It's actually Jasmine tea + 2 asam bois. Lover plum , kononnya!haha!

Iced Latte RM 7.00

Mine. It was good. Problem was.. it had hair on it!!!!!!!! Ofcuz , i asked for a change. They happily change it and apologized! :) No , they did not spit on it. I was sitting facing the bar! (it was an open bar)

If you feel like having a drink and just chat away the time , this is a nice place to go. Good music too. Peaceful! :) oh yea.. dun try the cheesecake! haha! sucks!! :P Just drink there ok? :P

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