Monday, May 28, 2007

Mr. Ho fine foods Crowne Square

*** Photos are all taken by Mr. Ben Moh Mok with his Sony Cybershot T-10

Yesterday, one fine afternoon me and Ah ben went to Mr . Ho for .. tea time? haha. It was supposed to be 1.30 P.M but this Ben hor.. 1.30PM message say " Oi, im still at home , u can still go gila gila". Haha. So we arrive there around 2.30 Pm!

Anyway , i've always known the brand Mr. Ho for the poultry stuff and i tink i've eaten kilos of their honey glazed ham, bacon and huge long sausages!

My 1st impression of the place .. hmmm .. quite classy. The only laid back was the waitress was using Polo-T and the music kinda spoil the atmosphere! And Ah Ben was very turn off with one of the supervisor. haha. But interior , wah sheh! Damn romantic. wheee...

We took a pretty long time deciding on what to eat ... and i think the waitress got quite pissed. The choices weren't many though. But there was many tempting menu names.

After about 15 minutes.. we decided to order this :

Roasted Chix RM 18.90

Mr. Ben Moh Mok ordered this one. He gave me a "bite/piece" ... and i find it very well marinated. The herbs was just right. It's quite a perfect one. I didn't like quite like the mashed potato tho.. it was a lil tasteless. The vege is well cooked .
Ratings : 9/10

Roasted Pork with Apple sauce
RM 18.90

I wasnt quite excited when i saw it was like the normal "sio bak" we can find in the coffee shops. BUT! 1st bite! It straight away bring me to heaven for a few seconds. It was damn good. Damn crispy oso! Very the ooh la la! The combination with apple sauce was special .. but after a while i thought i'm eating an apple pie stuffed with roasted pork.HAHA. Anyway the supervisor asked if we would like more sauce and i said yes.. was quite grateful he took the wrong sauce. (meaning to say he didnt take the apple one. haha) The sides were the same like the roasted chix.
Ratings : 9/10

Oreo Cheesecake RM 7.00

I had always like my oreo cheesecake this way.. i don't like the crushed oreo-kind. This cake taste pretty good but i suggest you share if you were to go there to try. It's quite rich and makes u feel a lil.. "cloyyed"
Ratings : 8/10

Ice Milk Tea RM 4.50

I must say the drinks are pretty reasonable with that kind of ambiance. But .. my ice milk tea was quite diluted and i had to put a lot of the sugar syrup to make it drink-able. Ratings : 5/10

Ice Lemon Tea RM 4.50

Ben Moh Mok one. Didn't try.. think it's like normal ice lemon tea hor , Ben? :P

I'll highly recommend this place! Service damn good oso! I will go again sooon! Ah ben! we go together again olrite! :P


Boss Stewie said...


Melanie said...

OMG!!!! Boss Stewie is here!!!!! hahaha!! Thanks so much for dropping by! I'm f-l-a-t-t-e-r-e-d!


Anonymous said...

but don u think the portion is kinda small for the price?

Melanie said...

pui wen : good stuff comes in big price! i would said its very worth it =)