Friday, August 17, 2012

The Boathouse ttDi

This place is nestled in the famous row of restaurants in ttDi and have been around for business for years now. I've read a lot of positive reviews of the place and one day the boyF just decided to be all sweet and brought me here. We don't do the "romantic" dates often so when we have it once in a blue moon, it's nice to just embrace the moment. 

To be honest, I never like places like this cause the food normally looked very presentable to the eyes, but very unsatisfying to the taste buds. The boathouse proves my assumption wrong for one of the many rare occasions.

We had the Buffalo Wing as our appetizer. It was captioned very well in the menu and I just had to order this. Good choice tho, turns out to be one of the best wings I had and tasted good without the dipping. I wish  the portion was bigger. hehe

The oysters with caviar and caper buds were awesomely fresh. As jakun as this may sound, this was my virgin taste of oysters. I never dared to try, fearing that it might taste awfully fishy. It taste surprisingly good, nothing fishy of sort and so fresh. I don't know if this is cause they are good but thanks to them I had such a good 'first time' and now I can go around buffets slurping oysters.

This was one of the best dish of the night. Who would have thought that pork would go so well with a fruit.  The oh-so-tender smoked pork literally just melt in your mouth and eating it together with the caramelized pineapple sauce was just perfect. It was a dish that i'll say weirdly delicious. The chef is a total genius!

And what's a dinner without desert ? They had quite limited choice and I was in the mood for something chocolate so I ordered this. It was mediocre, edible but not something I would made a repeat order if I ever do visit again. Tasted like it was kept in the fridge for a while.

I'm not very much of a drinker so I would not be able to judge how a good cocktail should taste. Ordered this cause it looked glam and it tasted alright. The boyf had the mojito and it was quite neat too.  

When you're paying quite a bit for the food, I believe it is worthwhile to comment about the service too. I like that they are very swift in serving but I didn't like the fact that the wait staff consists more of non-locals. Not trying to discriminate but they didn't speak too well in English, at least not the one that was serving us. 

Overall if you asked me if I'll have a second visit, I'll go with a definite yes. 

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