Friday, August 10, 2012

My Australian Breakfast Experience

wow I finally have sometime to share some photos from my Perth trip in early May.  We stayed at this beautiful apartment in Hay Street where all the cooking utensils are fully equipped and cooking was so much fun! 

I  took charge of most of the meals for my family. Weird how i actually managed to wake up sharp at 6.30 a.m everyday without any alarm! The trip was rather a brief one, so we all mutually agreed to get off the bunk earlier so we could start our tours and what not earlier. By 7.30 a.m, our batter are all fully charged from the heavy breakfast!

These pictures here are most of my breakfast that i've prepared whilst I was there. So it's not exactly Australian breakfast per se, but more like what I've experienced there.

Not much captions needed - some things pictures tells it all :)

Hope you enjoy the food sex today ;p

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