Monday, February 21, 2011

Macaroons from Harrods

You know I've always secretly believe that I'm quite easy to please? No, not in terms of my sexual needs. ( I wouldn't be able to judge on that. *cough*) But more like, the route to my heart. I have sweet tooth and is absolutely a fan of desert. Bring me for desert and you get me smiling. :)

Latest obsession on my desert plate is non other than french macaroons! I love how it's so colorful, so detailed and so pretty!

I've been wanting to sample the macaroons from Harrods since .. err, I lay my eyes on these gems? hehe. I usually get the urge to try something when I read people waxing lyrical on it but to be honest, I never read about this one. Because well, it's Harrods! What could go wrong in Harrods? Lol. ( The rye bread there is really good too btw.)

I just got the chance to taste the macaroons a couple of days ago for a certain occassion but unfortunately after much anticipation, I wasn't swept off my feet. Hahah. Well, it tasted good and rich but I much prefer the one in InterContinenatal Hotel (previously Nikko Hotel) I find the one from Harrods a little too soft. It didn't fail to give me a good sugar rush tho'!

Yes, so buy me pretty macaroons or a slice of red velvet cake and you're hitting the G spot - figuratively of course ;p

xoxo *hearts*


SandraC said...

i hate u!! i've been wanting to try how macaroons taste like and here u are tempting me with em!

Huai Bin said...

I didn't know there was a Harrods in KL! *jakun

Melanie said...

huai bin : OMG I miss you commenting on my blog!!!!! :P

Melanie said...

huai bin : and oh yes, there's harrods in klcc. hehe their service is really good. i love!