Thursday, February 10, 2011

Chinese New Year Reunion 2011

I don't know if it's just me but time seem to fly even more faster this year. I'll be finishing my training tomorrow and will officially start my duties next week! Can't believe i've been training for a month already!

I usually reach home quite late on work days - pretty much explains the lack of updates. The limited time I spent online are usually to reply e-mails of people that is somehow, somewhere special to me and the social media. I'm straying away from facebook though - if you're working, you pretty much know how dangerous the social media can be.

It's getting late so I'm just gonna do a brief picture post just to keep up with the tradition of me posting pictures of my reunion dinner! I am not commenting on the dishes since it's home cooked and my judgment would definitely sound bias :p

My dinner this year was fashionably late - 9.30 P.M to be exact so I made the right decision when I said no to my friend when he asked if he could join my family for dinner. My parents are coming again next week so he might be joining me for Chap Goh Mey dinner. :)

It was rather special in a way too, as this was our first year of hosting our parents. And it's only then I realized how much my dad spent every year for reunion dinner! The cost pretty much went shooting up when we had to get new cutlery and serving plates as we didn't have enough.

A lot of dishes eaten on reunion dinner are eaten for the meaning it brings - like yee sang for prosperity, prawn for happiness and longevity noodles for a healthy life. I don't particularly like it though but as modern as I can be, I stay to my roots too. No harm following what your forefathers say right?

Like every other year, reunion dinner is followed by massive cleaning! Lol. When the clock strike 12, we played the floating lantern - as a substitute for fireworks :P The lantern is supposedly for you to write your wishes on it but mine has chinese words printed so I didn't write anything. I can't read mandarin but I got the nice uncle who was selling lanterns to explain to me each and every lantern available there. :P

Huat ah!

p/s : I know this post isn't as interesting as I used to write and I can do better than thisbut i'm having writer's block. :s I'll be back with a great post next! So much to share

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