Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas 2010 Dinner

Merry Christmas all! (There's 12 days, remember? :p) I've been meaning to write this earlier but unfortunately I fall sick, had meetings in between and some errands to run. I'm now back in Kuching for a short break!

I just did a full medical check up yesterday in Prince Court Medical Centre and boy was it weird to have my breast touched by a woman! Lol. I think I'll stick to men. Thankyouverymuch. Eh wait, I'm not supposed to know if it's not weird when touched by a man. Heh. *cough* :p

Back to the Christmas dinner! It was more like a supper for us. Hah! We were stuck in the jam and when we reached home, it was already 8.30 p.m. By the time we're done with the cooking, it was already 10 p.m! The food pictures didn't turn out so great cause I wasn't using my own camera and really, by then I was too hungry to even bother what setting the camera were at.

Despite our hungriness, we did prepare a plethora of food to feast on! First was the finger Vienna sausages which I pan fry them with butter and chilli flakes. The sausages were from Farm's Best, a local brand and it's quite cheap! Half the size of a normal sausage and make a great finger food.

Then we also had garlic bread. We didn't have an oven so we have to make to do with the frying pan! Well, there's a funny story behind the garlic bread. We were choosing the bread for about 15 minutes in the bakery before I decided that dinner rolls would do. When we came home, we realized it wasn't dinner rolls that we were getting, it was red bean bun! FOL! So we had to use bread instead. It was hilarious though. Lol

My favourite dish of the night was actually the stir fry Portabellos. I fry it with home made garlic butter and some parsley. That's all! But the mushrooms were really fresh so it tasted great despite the simplicity of the dish.

The main dish for the night was Lamb in Brown Sauce. We managed to get some nicely thick cut lambs and it was really delicious, tender and uhhh so good. I shouldn't be waxing lyrical about all the dishes since it was all home cooked but really, can't help it for the lamb. :P

As if all the meals weren't fattening enough, we also made potato salad. It's the easiest salad to do but also possibly the most fattening salad. And like they say, fat food are happy food :D

Like every other cholesterol and fat laden meals we have, we just have to have a plate of greens to make us feel better. hehe. That night, we prepared a simple Romano salad and added some smoked black pepper salmon. We also had butter broccoli actually but the picture is too blurry to salivate you. hehe.

For drinks, we made mojitos! There was a debate of whether the leaves we were using was the right one. We bought spearmint but apparently it was suppose to be peppermint. The spearmint leaves were rather mild but we didn't have any choice as a lot of places were out of these herbs. Everyone's making mojitos at home on Christmas eve! :p

The night ended with tequila shots, and tequila shots and more tequila shots! I got really tipsy - nay, more like quite drunk but I was happy! It was a bad idea though cause the next day I ended up nursing a terrible hangover.

I did however recalled myself saying 'I love you' three times before passing out. Even though it was said with me under the influence of alcohol, but I really meant it. :)

Hope you all had a great Christmas dinner like I did. And can you believe 2010 is coming to an end? This year totally flew man. Ahh.


SandraC said...

i agree that fat food is happy food! haha..u had a nice nice warm dinner on Cmas! =) ur bloggie always makes me hungrier

Melanie said...

Sandra : Haha, yeah Christmas dinner was a nice one! Warm from the alcho! Lol.

msihua said...

Looks like a great night!!! Have a great NYE :)

Melanie said...

msihua : hey! I havent seen you on my comment box for a while! haha Happy New Year! :)