Friday, December 24, 2010

Bing! Coffee - Kuching, Sarawak

I always tell people I just met one thing, "I'm a very boring person by nature." Out of well, probably courtesy they would tell me, "No, No, you're not!". Haha. But it's true my normal daily activities involves me spending most of my time lounging in a coffee joint, either with friends or me alone.

Even my idea of a great date is boring! I just had a perfect date and would love to write about it - just so you would know how simple my expectations are and I can have more guys asking me out here. Hahaha!

Something I do acknowledge is that my readers are not usually from Sarawak and I feel very obligated to write about Bings!, a place I really enjoy back home. It's a famous local grown coffee chain (Yes, we do have Starbucks in Kuching in case you're wondering -.-) that is doing reasonably well in Kuching with three outlets under their belt.

Even though it is local grown and is not obligated to any franchise royalty, the prices here aren't exactly cheap. Well, they can't be charging half of what Starbucks is charging for one reason. Their coffee are brewed using illy's coffee beans, an Italian blend with qualities at par with the one Starbucks is using.

I can't possibly write and comment each and every drink I had there cause well to begin with, the knowledge I know about coffee is too little to be commenting and next I don't think I have a long list of adjective to describe coffee. But two of my all time favourite drink from Bings! are Ice blended Tiramisu served with a sponge finger and the espresso machiatto. (both pictured below)

The interior of all three Bing's outlet is of Balinese inspired and while I am not a fan of the Buddha paintings and the likes, I love the couches there. The dim lighting also made the place perfect for an intimate outing with close friends. It's nice to laze on the couch and I have a thing about reading in low lights - I know it's bad for my eyes. :p

All the hot drinks here are served with an almond biscotti and a cookie. The biscuits are nothing much to write upon - I usually just leave them.

If you're not a fan of anything coffee, fret not! They do serve non-coffee drinks. There's flavored tea if you don't mind paying RM 8 for a tea beg. It's obviously not ordered by me - hell, would I pay so much for tea. Lol.

The Ice Blended Chocolate Blueberry is good too for a change. Generous Blueberry! It's slightly sweet so if you're diabetic, this is not for you. :p

Their Tiramisu is by far the best I've tasted. It's very rich and I don't think it can ever be finish by one person! Best of all, it's only RM12.90! Beats Alexis' famous and expensive (RM 17 per slice, not to mention half the size) Tiramisu anytime!

I've also sampled their carrot slice. Having worshiped meat all my life, cakes made of vegetables are not something I am fond of. Lol. But this was ordered to share with my friend and If taken at small portion, it's actually quite nice. :)

The ironic thing is that I'm also writing this from a coffee joint! Was in Starbucks Great Eastern Mall (staying nearby, come visit me!) since 8 this morning. Finished reading Escape before I started blogging.

Ah, pleasures of life is to read a nice magazine (not Cleo with a good cup of coffee. Love!


SandraC said...

the choc blueberry looks so good. i've been to bing once with u remember? its nice..ambiance also nice. ahh...

Fashion for less less said...

bing? i think we don't have that in KL. hmm. but it seems like it is on the same lvl as starbucks? nice!

Melanie said...

Sandra : Yeah, I keep reminding Jess to bring you guys there actually! hahaha

YenCheng : Nope, there's no outlets in KL. It's only in Kuching :)

Bangsar-bAbE said...

I would be more than happy to fork out RM12.90 for a large slice of tiramisu. The Alexis version is getting smaller and smaller each time.

I didn't know Starbucks open that early. I usually pop in for my coffee around 9.30am. :)

Melanie said...

Bangsar-BabE : Hey! good to have you here :)

The ones in Alexis is overrated, and to be honest it tasted nothing like tiramisu! haha. Starbucks in Great Eastern Mall opens at 7.30 A.M :)

Car Loan Calculator said...

I am dying with coffee and biscuit. I love to drink coffee and all this drink is look absolutely delicious for me....i am gonna try once when i go to sarawak

Melanie said...

Car Loan Calculator : oh yeah you should! It's a place I take pride of as a Kuchingnite. hehe. You can drop me an email if you're going to Kuching and I'll tell you the locations. :)

Anonymous said...

Ice Blended Blueberry Chocolate??? i work at Bing for 2 years, we don't have that menu, can you tell me which outlet you go?? Izzit 101