Thursday, June 24, 2010

Nasi Kandar

I was reading The Economist a couple of days ago and I came across this article about beers. Can't remember exactly everything the writer penned, but one thing i find interesting was that he mentioned one of the greatest beer pairings is with Curry!

So, after work yesterday the first thing i did was to get a pint of beer, chilled it for tonight! And today after work, I went to Nasi Kandar Pelita. I clocked out at 8 p.m, only reached my place at 9.30 p.m so there wasn't much choice for me to choose.

The verdict : Perhaps I have a conservative taste bud but I still think teh tarik goes best with curry. Beer is a little too strong and it over whelmed the taste of curry.

p/s : this plate of Nasi Kandar costed me RM 9.20! Jesus Christ, can someone explain to me why Nasi Kandar is so expensive?

p/s* : I'm off tomorrow!!!! :D


Chunny said...

Acidity in alcohol? But yeps i agree with you

Chunny said...

Acidity in alcohol? But yeps i agree with you

Uncle Jo. said...

you are lucky enough when compare to others ^^

vege + fried chic usually Rm15
vege + fried chic + seafood Rm18 to 20
fried chic + 2 choices of seafood Rm 25

perhaps there also determine price on your skin color

I never order Nasi Kandar for sure.