Tuesday, May 04, 2010

How to Prepare American Breakfast

I've been waking up no earlier than 3 p.m ever since I got back and yesterday, I made a point to wake up slightly earlier yesterday to prepare myself a wholesome breakfast - something I really, really miss.

It's strange to say that one of the things I yearn to eat so much when I'm away from home is a perfect sunny side up. I'm really peculiar about my eggs. ;p Oh, the egg above is a double yolk egg!

To go with the sunny side up, I pan fried some chicken frankfurters, baby potatoes, carrot and french beans with butter and a small dash of black pepper.

I also pan fried some potatoes and to add some extra fats to my meal, I let a small piece of cheddar slice melt on the done tomatoes. :D

What's American breakfast without fresh juice? tee hee.

Life's a bliss :D

Oh ya, today I had Hainanese breakfast. Hehe.

Home is the heaven on earth!


jfook said...

Wow, heavenly delicious breakfast.

Huai Bin said...

Your grilled tomato with a twist looks good! Adding a slice of cheese. Thanks for the tip, I shall try that! :)

Melanie said...

jfook : yeah! I wanted something really really satisfying after not having the chance to eat something like this for a while :P

Huai Bin : hahaha! No problem. I love your cooking post! :P

Kelvin said...

I like the egg. Looks damn nice *saliva*

Melanie said...

Kelvin : the egg is just normal sunny side up. But it's done perfectly in the way i like. hahah :p

ahbing said...

Maybe I should cook something too... haven't cook any proper meals since I return frmo Australia.

BUY WOK FIRST!! is that your personal wok or your mum's one. I hate my mum's wok.. -_-

Melanie said...

ahbing : hahaha! That's my mum's wok la. She got 1234567 wok at home. She loves buying kitchen utensils and fun "kitchen gadgets". Hehe