Saturday, April 24, 2010

Weekend Recipe : Lamb Cutlets with Potatoes and Vegetables

Finally, had time to take a breather from the books! The whole studying-examination is really not my forte. I'm just glad it's going to be over in five days! Whee.

Since it's weekend and you'll probably have the time to sort the ingredients and prepare them for your friends or family - I thought it'll be nice to do a cooking post. Today we're cooking lamb!

The cutlets of lamb (from the rack) are marinated with Ina Paarman's rosemary seasoning, black pepper and Worcestershire sauce to taste.

Cut the potatoes in half an inch lengthwise. Add in Ina Paarman's potato seasoning to taste.

You can actually opt for any vegetables you like but I chose asparagus, carrots and brocoli. The asparagus aren't exactly of the best quality as I kinda "found them" in the fridge at the time of cooking. Hehe.

Boil the carrot and brocoli beforehand. This is to retain the color of the vegetables when you put them in the pan. (No need for the asparagus cause it takes only a short while to cook.)

Lastly, pan fried the marinated lamb cutlets. Add in the potatoes while you're pan frying the lamb so that the natural flavors of the lamb would caramelized on the outer layer of the potato. Once you're done with the lamb and potatoes, slightly saute the vegetables.

Then, it's time to work the art. :)

Viola! :D

Have a good weekend peeps! This is my last weekend in uni. Feels like I just finished a military national service in the jungle. :P


ahbing said...

"POSTED AT 3:38AM" << geng ah!!

I haven't cook any meal for myself for almost 4 months.. :( I miss cooking leh.

Which reminds me, I told my mum I wanted my own WOK for bday present, lol.

Melanie said...

ahbing : hahaha, i thought your birthday passed already! faster buy your wok then you can cook for me and make special appearance in ChefMel. Hahaha!

jfook said...

Wow....tempting...Hungry already..

ohmywtf said...

wah...looks really yummy...can teach lamb shank next time?? :-)

Melanie said...

jfook : Jom masak!

ohmywtf : sure, sure! Stay tuned :P