Tuesday, April 20, 2010

TuneHotels.com Facebook Fanpage

I'm in the midst of having my final exams. Finale of finals! :D Oklah, not exactly widely smiling now thinking of the number of pages to cover in the least of time. :(

In the mean time, my favorite hotel just launched their fan page a couple of days ago! (they have a Facebook profile launched a year ago as well). Be their fan, ok? They have great people manning their social media networks. :)

I'll be back again for a week's stay next month. Will be alone though this time. Is there anyone who wants to accompany me? Hehe. We'll watch movies and... errr.. watch more movies. ;p The opposite sex will be prioritized. Underaged will also be considered. :p

Haha, Just kidding people. But if you happen to be around Penang in the last week of May, do drop me an e-mail. We'll have char kueh tiau! :D

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