Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Starbucks Honey Orange Frapucinno

First and foremost, Happy Chinese New Year all! :)

I really love how Starbucks usually come up with seasonal drinks during different festive season. For the Tiger year, they came up with Honey Orange Frapucinno (or the latte version if you have it hot). I was a bit sceptical at first, but to my surprise, the tangy orange flavor blends really well with the coffee!

They also have this limited edition tiger key chain in conjunction with Chinese New Year. I thought it was quite solid and very detail. For just RM 6.50 (with the purchase of a venti), it's definitely a steal since Starbucks merchandise are usually quite costly.

I've always been very loyal to my macchiato in Starbucks, but I really like this one that I had it a couple of times in just a week!

I'm not too sure when the promotion end (or whether it is gonna be permanent in the menu) but do have a try! It's good! :)

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Huai Bin said...

I got the Venti too but didn't see the tiger keyfob. Hmm...must look harder next time. There's one just opposite where I work! Starbucks that is.