Sunday, February 07, 2010

Flying back to Happy Land!

After almost missing my flight for countless time (which usually result to speed packing), I decided that it is safe for me to pack a day earlier this time. It's almost done, except for the liquors that I have yet to decide whether I want to have it hand luggage or not.

I'll be in KL for a couple of hours to do some shopping before flying back to Kuching. Haven't fly Air Asia for some time! But don't get me wrong, I have no problem flying Air Asia - I love Air Asia!

In fact it make me sick that people (especially those who hardly fly or never fly) compare Air Asia a lot with MAS when they don't understand one is a full servic
e airline, one is a budget airline. You can't compare an apple and an orange do you?

I find it hard to believe that the next time I'm packing, it will be me leaving this place for good. It's been way too long and I can't tell you how eager I am just thinking about it. Sure, there's a lot more hurdles to go through, but I can only tell you that, I don't belong here.

Ah, just can't wait to sit at this favorite place of mine in the house - It's my second living room. :) My house has a very Chinese architecture but apparently non of us read or write Chinese. I am proud to say I am the only one who can speak Mandarin (not exactly fluent, but good enough :P) Lol.

I miss the feline and canine family a lot! Misha, Boy, Tom, Tiger and Bruno, I'm coming back! For now, Please say Hi to Misha! :P

Update : Spring clean the room, finish packing everything! Finally decided to have the liquors by hand, transferred the PDF version of my air tickets to my phone, transferred some nice series to the phone ... I'm ready to go!! :D

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