Friday, September 04, 2009

Maxim Dim Sum Restaurant : Best Penang Dim Sum

Sorry for I haven't been updating regularly. I'm pretty much swamped with assignments and exams for the past one week. For those who have been visiting , only to be disappointed with a stale old post, I'm really sorry! To thank the loyal readers (*cough*) , I am writing the longest post ever!

Let's get to the point and feast with the photos, shall we?

While I am always in the group that beg to differ that Penang has better food than Kuching, I'll have to give in to Penang when it comes to a place for good dim sum. I hate to say this but Kuching has a long way to go when it comes to serving dim sum. ;p Anyway, this particular dim sum place is located in Lebuh Pekaka and is in the vicinity of Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM).

On weekdays, they actually have this little metal push cart filled with dim sum where they go around the tables and you just take what ever that catch your eyes. However, because it is usually packed to the brim during weekends (and public holidays), it is self service.

Chinese tea is customary when it comes to eating dim sum. They have a list of chinese tea but unfortunately orderings are taken in mandarin. Me and my friends don't actually know any chinese tea name in mandarin (I know oolong but they don't have this) but since they heard their friends ordering "Xiang Pien" before, so that's what we did also - in every single visit. Lol.

I have to admit one of the reason I fell in love with this place is the excellent egg tarts. The lardy crispy puff pastry complemented the perfect egg custard so well that the first bite is sure to send you to heaven! (just incase you don't know, the puff pastry used in dim sum egg tarts is mixed with lard) This is easily the best egg tart i've ever eaten.

Not many places can whip up a good taro croquette. More than often , they are either too dry, too soggy or they fail terribly in making the pastry. Maxim on the other hand, make perfect one. It is something you don't wanna miss if you're here.

The wo tie was however a dissapointment. It was bland and too dry for my liking.

Even though the raddish cake appear to be more starchy than usual, it is delectable and does have a taste of its own.

The porridge seems to be a hit there but I didn't try. My friend said it was very good though.

Braised chicken feet is one of the few "must-haves" in my dim sum list. While I have it in every of my visit here, the one here is just satisfactory.

I am not exactly a fan of siu mai's (the Kuching version is a gazillion times better!) and the one they have here is not good enough to transform me into a fan of siu mai either.

I don't know what is the exact word for this, but this is delicious. It's basically two very fresh prawns wrapped in thin wantan-like skin and then deep fried. The orgasm comes from the little plate of home made mayonaise.

There's this saying that says "Do not expect so much or you will be dissapointed." This definitely apply to the fish balls here. When I took it from the cart, I was expecting it to be nice bouncy tasty fish balls only to be dissapoint with strong chinese herbs infused fish balls.

The har gau and har gau-like above is just palatable . Not very much into har gaus, but I do like the har gau skin here. It's thin yet not too thin.

This is some deep fried fish balls wrapped in mee-like skin. Nothing spectacular. You can pass this. ;p

Unlike many other dim sum place that served pork ribs in sweet braised dark sauce, the one here is cooked in fermented black beans and lots of garlic. I had it on my first visit and again in every of my visit thereafter.

Just beside Maxim is a place where they sale soya bean and soya bean related products that has this really good almond soya bean jelly. It has the jelly texture but I don't know what God-send ingredients they add in it because it literally melts in your mouth. Damn good!

Ahh! Took me almost three hours to write this and have the pictures uploaded. Hope you guys enjoyed the post though!

It's Friday again.Have a nice weekend everyone! Remember to play safe alright. :)

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Huai Bin said...

I always judge a dim sum place by their har kaw. If they can't make good har kaw, it's not a good dim sum place. Hehe!

Pamela Yeoh said...

i love here too