Saturday, September 12, 2009

High 5 Cream Roll Bandung Flavor!

I have stop eating High 5 buns for a while now but this particular particular High 5 bun caught my attention when I was at the cafeteria getting a pack of teh ais. Bandung flavor bun!

I am not actually a fan of the rose syrup but the bandung cream actually taste quite good. In fact, all High 5 buns taste quite decent. It's just that they have problem with the generosity of the filling - the sole reason why I stop buying High 5 buns.

I wanted to write pink on the inside but I think it sounds quite wrong. If you know what I mean. ;p


Hanie said...

LOL You're hilarious. I too, hate it when the cream filling is too sikit! Makes me miss those luscious cream horns from the old style bakery..

Anyways - hie fellow Kuchingite! Enjoy your food blog lots :)

Melanie said...

Hanie Mohd : Hie! Hahahah yeah, everything is good in the older days. Now everything naik harga :(

You're a Kuchingnite too? Thanks for reading and do drop by often yeah :)