Thursday, August 13, 2009

Minced Pork and Fried Fuchuk

My mum used to make this particular minced pork on weekly basis when I was young and ... I'm now 22 , and still never grow sick of it! An exceptionally simple dish that actually takes less than 5 minutes of preparation time, and around 20 minutes of cooking time, depending on the amount of servings.

The main ingredients is non other than minced pork of course. Add in three eggs, dark soy sauce, pepper, salt and mono sodium glutamate to your taste.

Flavor comes from this preserved elongated shape cabbage(dōngcài) imported from China. It usually comes in a round clay crocks with Tianjin being the more notable brand.

It doesn't have to look as black as this. I like mine black so I added more dark soy sauce and in return I loose the salt.

Steam it for about 20 minutes (or till cook).

It's not exactly the best picture but all I can say is, picture do no justice to how good it taste. ;p I've seen a number of economy rice place selling the exact same dish but non of it can come close to the one prepared at home. Non, nil.

It's best eaten with rice, but it was porridge day when I decided to take pictures of the whole process. I also had fried fuchuk (bean curd skin) to go with my porridge.

Fried fuchuk is a dish I came across two years ago. I am not very much of a fuchuk person (or anything from the bean curd family) but I have to say it taste a lot better after it is deep fried.

Again, the preparation is very easy. Soak the fuchuk till soft, then dry it (it must be very dry because you are going to deep fry it) and coat it with corn flour, salt and pepper to taste. Then deep fry it! Easy right? :)

Golden brown fuchuk. ;p

... and it's funny how a simple dish like this can make me miss home terribly. =S

p/s : Going back to Kuching for a week! Flight in 5 hours :D


Unknown said...

your minced pork really very dark

Melanie said...

Baby : hahah yea, thought it taste good dark :D

msihua said...

Oh very nice!! My mum used to steam the pork together when she cooked rice =)....

Ken Wooi said...

oh nice!
i love fried fuchuk! =D

Melanie said...

Kenwooi : i am not actually a fan of fried fuchuk. Hahaha. Still don't like the taste

Melanie said...

Kenwooi : i am not actually a fan of fried fuchuk. Hahaha. Still don't like the taste