Thursday, April 02, 2009


During one of my brief visit to KL, i've had the chance of eating Nando's. I haven't had it for a long time and it was rather nostalgic for me because i used to like it a lot when I was young. Back then not much people have heard of Nando's yet.

The franchise owner is actually a lady. She brought her father to Nando's when her dad was visiting her when she was still in university. Her dad liked Nando's a lot and asked her if she wants to open in Malaysia.

The interior hasn't change a bit. I'm referring to the one in Mid Valley. It was exactly the same as it was many years back.

I was there alone and they led me inside to a two seater table.( I was in KL for just seven hours. I wanted to get some imported groceries- the ones that might not be available in my hometown so I just stopped by Mid Valley).

The signature sauce. I finished at least half a bottle of the extra spicy one. It takes a while for the spicyness to kick in and as much as I don't want to sound ego here, the extra spicy isn't that spicy. ;p

I ordered the quarter set and it comes with two sides of my choice. I chose to have fresco salad and traditional cut fries. The portion looked small but it was quite filling. I couldn't even finish the fries!

For my drink, I went for the house specialty. It was a concotion of apple juice, sprite, 100 plus and lemon. A refreshing combination.

** Sorry for the lack of updates. Too tied up with deadlines the whole week. I just finish my last assignment in the evening, so look forward for more updates!