Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A & W

The first time I had it was when I was really little in KL. It was a big thing because they didn't have it in Kuching yet. Fast forward many years later, it opened two branches in Kuching. But, in less than five years, both branches closed down.

They have rather limited branches and thus I never had it again until many years later when i stumbled upon a branch in Alamanda, Putrajaya.and then 2 years later in Leisure Mall, Cheras.

Coney Dog

I think A & W is the only place in Malaysia that can come out with coney dogs that has a local taste. Most places like, 1901 for instance are serve the traditional Western version with the gherkins, mustards and all.

Curly Fries

I love their curly fries better than McDonalds.Somehow McD's is a bit too salty for my liking and they tend to over-fry it.

Root Beer Float

The huge glass of root beer and vanilla ice cream never fail to make me happy. Perfect combination. :)

I wish I can have it now. :( Extremely stress at the moment. Five exams, three days continously. I can't breathe.


Dancesport Malaysia said...

Some of my friends say that the A&W fried chicken is really tasty and better than KFC's!

Bon Apetit,

Dance Aficionado

David Chong Property(M) said...

Nice, if got chance, i'll try to go thr!! hahas

Melanie said...

Dancesport Malaysia : I will try d chix one of the days!

David : yeah, you should ;p