Monday, February 02, 2009

CNY Reunion Dinner

I know everyone else had blog what they had for their reunion and mine probably comes in last. I was back in Kuching and there's no Internet at home. I'm now back here in Uni, and feeling VERY homesick!

Every year, my reunion dinner is kept simple but i always love the feeling of it. The together-ness. :)

Steam Kampung Chicken

Zhap Choy ( Stir-Fry Mixed Vegetables )

There's razor clams, sea cucumber, brocolli, straw mushrooms, abalone mushrooms, chick pea and Chinese leek.

Fish maw, meatballs soup and wong bak soup

The meatballs symbolizes "lion head"(respect) and every one must eat one during the reunion dinner. And i totally love fish maw! No, not those dry and fake ones you see in supermarket!

Pak Lo Duck

I only had a bit of this cause there were so much to eat and i kinda forgotten about the duck. Regretting now!

Lamb Curry with potatoes

My mother actually cook 7kg worth of lamb this year! No lamb for me for at least a few months!

Steam Fish

This is an obligatory dish. Not so sure what is it for, but according to tradition, you're not suppose to finish the whole fish. The head and the tail of the fish is suppose to be kept till Chap Goh Mey.


Like d'uh. Hehe.

Bird's Nest

I had this for desert. It is cooked in a slow cooker for a bout four hours or so with pandan leaves and rock sugar.

And when the clock strike 12 midnight, I went out to see the fireworks. It's a tad weird for me tho' this year, coz my family is not putting any firecrackers and fireworks because we're still in the one year period of mourning for my grandfather.

and i hope it's not too late for me to wish everyone a prosperous Chinese New Year! Gong Hei Fatt Choy!

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Anonymous said...

Happy Chinese New Year, Chef. I'm kinda hungry now after reading your CNY reunion dinner nice dishes.

Melanie said...

Leo B : Hie, happy new year to you too!

cooknengr said...

The yearly fish 年年有魚 which sounds like 年年有餘. Wishing every fiscal year, there is excess money in the account.