Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Cheap Sushi

I had my virgin bite of sushi back in primary two. I am not so sure if Sushi King (or Sakae Sushi for that matter) exist then, but i was sure, that's not the place I lost my sushi virginity. (Pardon the sex-langguage ;p)

Jusco (the hypermarket) was where I had my first sushi. I didn't really like my first bite but it's been so many years and my taste buds had changed too. Plus the fact that there are so many Japanese restaurants (especially those with kaiten belts) now, I'm pretty much accustomed to eating Japanese food already.

The last I had was in Jusco, Mid Valley where I had it take away for my mum but the one pictured here is the ones I had with Jess in Penang, Queensbay.

I remembered back then it was cheap but now, i would say it's reasonable. The plus point is that it is really convienient if you want to have it take away.

The total price for this sushi was RM 25++. Cheap, reasonable or expensive? That's for you to judge :)

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metalpanda said...

ooo, i had these too~ sometimes i buy when closing time which have 30% discount~

Melanie said...

Metalpanda : Yeah, I do that too sometimes. But there's not much choice that time hor? Oh well, beggars can't be choosers :P