Sunday, January 11, 2009

Gurney Drive

Gurney Drive is a popular tourist spot in Penang and known for its wide varieties of Penang hawker food. It is located just beside Gurney Plaza so it's not very hard to spot.

The place is very packed that it's hard to walk without shoulder-brushing someone. It is really humid and as much as I don't want to sound pretentious here but i'm not very fond of crowded and hot places.

Like what everyone rave, you're indeed spoilt with the massive choice of Penang hawker delicacies.

But beware though, before you actually sink your teeth on these food, you might need to endure long queues - which can be really irritating.

One thing i find very interesting was the wide array of apettizing looking lok lok for you to choose.

It took me quite a while to finally have all the food I wanted on the table. Heck, it took a while to even find a seat!

Penang Assam Laksa

This is my first time eating Penang Assam Laksa in Penang. I love the noodles. So smooth and it goes really well with the broth.

Lok Lok

The lok lok tasted like any other fried stuff but the rule of the thumb for a good lok lok lies beneath the sauce. I didn't think the sauce complements the lok lok. It was too sweet and sticky.

Char Kueh Tiau

My friend was saying "This kueh tiau better be good! I queued so long for it!". Well, unfortunately, i find the kueh tiau too greasy and i could feel my arteries shouting for help. ;p

Fried Oysters

This is another thing which you would need to queue for. The batter was good and there's generous portion of huge oysters. The maximum time to queue for this dish is 15 minutes. If it's more than that, it's not worth it. ;p


This is buah kedondong juice. It's on the mild side, but still good.

Soya bean

With all the oily and high cholestrol food, i don't think soya bean is the best choice of drink.


A good way to quench your thirst. Comes in at RM 4 each.

Oh, before you go back. Take a stroll down Gurney Drive to burn the calories of that plate of char kueh tiau. ;p

A friend of mine whose a local told me not to go Gurney for its local food and yes, I would have to agree with that. Red Garden Night Market would definitely be my choice for good Penang food.

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